Top 5 Exercises For A Flat Stomach

By Jamie Mathew Stedman How many of you want that? We always want to know how to flatten our stomach (especially the women) and get sexy looking lines. Although spot reduction doesn’t work (for those of you who don’t know what this is it is the theory that you burn fat around the muscles you […]

The 3 Week Body Makeover

By J. R. Anderson Here you have it, a complete start-up manual to increase the exercise capacity of even the most sedentary individuals! Try this out for only 3 weeks and I bet you will start to notice small but substantial differences. No, you won’t lose 40 pounds but your cloths may fit differently or […]

3 Painless Ways To Lose Weight Easily – Natural Weight Loss

By Mike Bravo Can Losing Weight Really Be Painless? We all know the keys to losing weight which is basically to eat more healthy and less junk food and to engage in more physical activity. This all sounds simple enough, but in the real world and the fast pace in which we live finding the […]

Losing Weight With Meal Plans and Exercise Routines

By Haitham Arifaki Losing weight can be difficult, in fact many people think that if they were to try to lose weight that they are going to be disappointed. Due to these feelings, there are several people out there who never even try, though their health would greatly benefit if they would lose some weight. […]

Four Effective Ways of Losing Fat

By Andrew Jowett Let’s face it, when it comes to losing fat, things aren’t always quite as black and white as they appear to be on paper. On paper things are pretty straightforward. You should eat less junk, eat healthier foods, and do more exercise. In the real world however, things aren’t always as simple. […]